Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sangria and Cherry-Apple Juice

Sangria is just about the best thing ever. Therefore, I have a sangria recipe. 

Cherry juice is expensive in Denver. I always get a medium-size bottle of apple juice when I make this recipe and then mix the leftover cherry juice with the apple juice. The cherry-apple juice tastes like fall.

1 750 ml bottle rosé wine (prefer 2 rosé instead of 1 and 1 rose/red)
1 750 ml bottle red wine
1 L club soda
2-3 c cherry juice
2 c amaretto (traditionally brandy but the amaretto goes nicely with the cherry)
1/2 c simple syrup (optional - prefer not to use it)
2 apples sliced
3 oranges sliced
2 limes/lemons sliced
large bunch of cherries - pitted (optional)

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